To Freeze, or Not to Freeze

Sometimes, no matter what we do to try and get rid of our stubborn areas, it just doesn’t seem to go our way. We exhaust ourselves in the gym and eat nutritious foods for days on end, but for some reason, the fat just seems to want to stick with us. It’s frustrating to know that you have done all you can without results, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel quite yet.


Introducing: SculpSure. Sculpsure is on the rise to becoming one of the leading non-invasive procedures for stubborn fat removal, next to its opponent, CoolSculpting. We’ve seen it on television, we’ve seen it on social media, and yet we can’t quite put our finger on the fad. Seemingly millions of men and women are busting down doors to get in on the cool-down with CoolSculpting. 


CoolSculpting and Sculpsure both are known for being fast, effective treatments to get rid of those fat areas we just can’t seem to shake off. The pros: no surgery, no downtime, and fast results without having to lift a finger at the gym. As an alternative to liposuction, these procedures work to target stubborn fat areas, such as love handles, back fat, double-chins, and many others.


How does it work?


Both treatments induce lipolysis, destroying and eliminating fat cells. With CoolSculpting, health care professionals use precisely controlled cooling to freeze those fat cells to death. However, with SculpSure, providers will use advanced laser technology to melt the fat cells away.  In both cases, fat cells are being killed off with intense temperatures. Though it may be worrisome having those devices so close to your skin, both treatments have been cleared by the FDA and scientifically proven to be safe and effective. 


What option is the best for you?


With Sculpsure, the treatments take just around 25 minutes per area, whereas fat freezing may take up to an hour per area. With sensitive skin, one person may react differently to extreme heat over extreme cold, however SculpSure has designed Contact Cooling technology within the laser to keep the skin comfortable during the treatment. Side effects for both include some mild discomfort upon contact, but will subside within time. With CoolSculpting, however, the side effects may also include bruising, numbness, or itching. 


Who takes the cake?

According to a series of studies, SculpSure demonstrates much higher satisfaction rates over CoolSculpting. For SculpSure, 83-93% of their patients reported their results and counted it as a win for them in both achieving their desired look and overall ease of procedure. 


If you are looking to rid yourself of any stubborn areas, give us a call at (949) 339-1341 or visit our website, to request a consult online.

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