Trans Urethral Microwave Therapy of the Prostate (TUMT)

A specialized catheter is inserted into the urethra under local anesthesia and connected to an advanced, high tech computer which heats the urethra to the desired temperature for a period of approximately 40 minutes. This is performed for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Expect to be at the appointment at lesat one hour. Preparation includes starting 5 day course of antibiotics the day prior to the procedure and taking a valium or similar sedative medication one hour prior to the procedure. You should have a driver to and from the procedure due to the sedative. You are also given an injectable pain medicine and an oral anti spasm medicine upon arrival at the office. You will leave the office with a catheter indwelling in the bladder, draining to a bag, for approximately 3 days and instructions will be given to you on how to safely remove the catheter. After effects may include blood in the urine, slight urgency and frequency of urination once the catheter is removed.
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