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Wrinkles may accompany the wisdom of age, but they don’t have to coexist if you don’t want them to. Dr. Lamia Gabal helps you erase some of those unwanted signs of aging with BOTOX® and filler injections at Premier Medical Group, leaving your wise spirit intact. Get an appointment on the calendar at the Santa Ana, California, practice by calling or using the online scheduler.

Botox & Fillers Q & A

What causes wrinkles and sagging skin?

As we age, collagen and elastin production slows, natural oil production declines, and the skin loses some of its elasticity and volume. Loose skin, lines, and creases can result from this structural breakdown.

Sun damage and smoking also accelerate the breakdown process. Ultraviolet rays damage the structural layers of your skin while smoking alters the blood supply, causing skin to wrinkle prematurely.

Repeated facial expressions, like squinting, can cause grooves to form around the mouth and eyes. Genetic and environmental factors also play a role in the integrity of the skin.

How can I treat wrinkles and sagging skin?

Cosmetic injections are an easy way to plump up the skin and straighten out wrinkles. Dr. Gabal uses Botox and filler injections to give your face a more youthful appearance.


Botox is an injection of the botulinum toxin, which relaxes the muscles that are responsible for your wrinkles. The treatment targets the muscles that contribute to frown lines and crow’s feet to make them less prominent.


Dr. Gabal also offers filler injections to add volume underneath the skin. The extra volume helps plump sunken and wrinkled skin and fill in lips for a more youthful appearance.

What happens during injection treatments?

Dr. Gabal explains the procedures before the treatment so you can prepare yourself. During your appointment, she has you sit down comfortably in an exam room while she plots out the injection points and prepares your skin for the injections.

Next, Dr. Gabal uses a needle to inject the preparation at various intervals under your skin. She may give the injections at multiple locations around the treatment area and then repeat the same process on the other side of your face for proportional results.

After the treatment, Dr. Gabal cleans your face and explains your care and follow-up instructions before sending you back to your normal routine. She may recommend multiple treatments spaced over the course of several weeks for the most effective results.

If your facial skin could use a little extra TLC from fillers or Botox, contact Prestige Medical Group online or over the phone to set up a consultation.

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